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Finding Penelope / The Penelope Project

A devised, site-specific play built out of a community-based process and staged in a long-term care facility with residents alongside company members and students.


The Penelope Project was a collaborative effort to dramatically raise the bar on activities in long term care. Using the story of Penelope from Homer’s Odyssey, our team of staff, residents, artists, and students engaged an entire long term care community in creativity and learning. Everyone was welcome.


Written by Anne Basting


Directed by Maureen Towey*


Co-produced by Sojourn Theater, UWM-Milwaukee, Luther Manor Retirement Community


Cast: Mira - Rebecca Martinez*, Odysseus/Old Beggar - James Hart*, Old Nurse - Robin Mello, 108 Suitors - Rusty Tym, Daniel Cohen*, Staff/Weavers -Nikki Zaleski*, Maggie McGwin, Julia Huryk, Joyce Heinrich, Glenn Widdicombe, Musicians - Marc Powers, Glenn Widdicombe, Jackie Darwin, Yaping Liu, Athena - Caroline Imhoff, Jean - Jean Tillmann, Penelope Popadapalas - Joyce Heinrich, Chorus Soloists - Frances Farrell, Ellen Nocun, Stephanie Daniels, Jolene Hansen, Chorus  - The Luther Manor Community

*member of Sojourn Theatre


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