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Marfa Lights

In a horrific fraternity hazing gone wrong, Jorge is left hog-tied, blindfolded, near naked, and alone in the cold West Texas desert. But when the Marfa Lights surround him at the fall of night, he encounters Meiken, a strange girl who takes Jorge through a series of rituals. Meanwhile, the rest of the fraternity feels required to “finish the job”, and in their search for Jorge they encounter a magical night under the Marfa Lights of the West Texas desert.


Written by Octavio Solis


Co-directed by Daniel Jáquez and Rebecca Martinez


Produced by INTAR's Unit52


Cast: Lori Felipe-Barkin, Christin Eva Cato, Tiffany Esteb, Erick Gonzalez, Stefan Martin, Ashley Marie Ortiz, Orlando Rivera, Oscar Cabrera


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