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New York Madness

I'm excited to annouce that I am a new company member of New York Madness! Announcement below.

NY Madness is Growing!

As we prepare for our 6th season, we are thrilled to add 27 fantastically talented theater artists to the NYM Company. These writers, actors, and directors have become our colleagues, collaborators, and friends over the past five seasons through their participation in multiple Madness events. We are proud to make it official that they are now Company Members!

Claudia Acosta

Micheline Auger

Reuben Barsky

Mark Campbell

Dylan Combs

Caitlin Cooke

Leah Dietrich

Jamie Dunn

Libby Emmons

Charles Everett

Tanya Everett

Shaun Bennet Fauntleroy

Gina Femia

Ben Ferber

Cary Hite

Penny Jackson

Rebecca Martinez

Jerry Matz

Susan Biderman Montez

Bobby Moreno

Maria Elena O'Brien

Eric Percival

Jerry Polner Shira-Lee Shalit

Daniela Thome

Liba Vaynberg AND Claudia Weill

Looking forward to more Madness together in 2015-2016!

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