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Every 28 Hours Plays

Rebecca Martinez represented Sojourn Theatre in St. Louis as a part of the EVERY 28 HOURS Plays October 22-26, 2015.

EVERY 28 HOURS: The One-Minute Play Festival (Dominic D’Andrea, Producing Artistic Director), and Oregon Shakespeare Festival (Claudia Alick, Producer) collaborate to create 90 One-minute plays. This national partnership focuses on the widely shared and contested statistic that every 28 hours in America, a black person is killed by the police, vigilante, or security guard. These plays about this historic time are written by playwrights across the nation during phase one. The plays were developed in a week-long residency with participation from 22 theater artists from across the U.S. and St Louis cohort led by Jacqueline Thompson which included community members, artists, and activists. The plays debuted October 24 in Ferguson and St Louis. The work is being shared across the United States throughout 2015 culminating in a national action in October 2016.

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